6 Healthy Drinks to Add to Your Food Plan

People today are switching to liquid diets to keep themselves fit and healthy. There are several recipes that one can make in minutes in a juicer or mixer. Surely water is still one of the easiest and smartest ways to keep your body hydrated and active, but there are several other tasteful options that you can try out making at home. Here are some healthy beverages that you should try adding to your food plan.

Green tea

Green tea is known for multiple health benefits all around the world today. It fills your body with the right energy and also keeps you hydrated. Apart from the general benefits, green tea is also found to prevent certain types of cancer such as prostate and breast cancer. Green tea keeps the blood sugar level in control and also helps in reducing body weight and face fat.

Coconut water

Coconut water

Coconut is known as the tree of wishes as it provides everything that a man needs to survive, from wood to shed, food, and water. Coconut water is truly a naturally prepared drink that hydrates the body and also provides enough potassium. Potassium is good for regulating blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. While some people may not enjoy coconut water, you can develop a taste for it with good coconuts.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is a healthy drink that you can add to your regular diet. It is a refreshing drink with several medical properties. Cranberry juice is said to provide relief against kidney stones and urinary tract infections. It is also beneficial in reducing the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Cranberry also contains antioxidants that can give you an active start every morning.

Hot chocolate

You cannot deny how good hot chocolate can be on cold winter nights. But it can also have several health benefits alongside being delicious. It is the best way to deal with body cramps, contains antioxidants, flavonoids, and calcium. Adding a spoon of cocoa can also help in cleaning your bloodstream and give you warmth for a good evening time.

Orange juice

Orange juice has been a regular in many homes due to its quick refreshing taste, and a heavy dose of vitamin C. Orange juice is great for your body. It protects you from seasonal allergies and contains quercetin, which helps keep your immune system strong. Many do not know that orange juice can also contain thiamin plus calcium and vitamin D when fortified.

Red wine

Red wine makes a great companion to food and also works well while relaxing after a stressful day. Studies suggest that a moderate level of alcohol consumption can be beneficial in increasing good cholesterol(HDL) and prevent artery damage. Red wine contains antioxidants that help in decreasing bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots. Not just that, red wine can also improve your oral health due to its alcoholic properties.