Is Your Chicken Bad: The Signs You Should Look for

Indeed, the most popular part of the poultry industry, almost more than half of the households make use of it. It is chicken. From festivals to everyday use, or a fun match night, many people like to consume chicken because of its simplicity and variety in recipes. Apart from that, everyone knows how nutritious it can be as food. Nearly 100 grams of chicken can give you nearly 250 calories out of which protein can soar up to 27 grams. It is one of the highest quality sources of protein, which is the reason behind its popularity in the fitness industry. It is also an excellent source of Vitamin B6 and other healthy fats.

Although, no matter how healthy chicken may seem, no one can ignore that even it can go bad. People have a common experience that the chicken spoiled and had a pungent smell. But, because of its nature, it is often hard to identify these early signs. Many people regret cooking chicken when it goes bad. Hence, you must know the signs you should be ready to identify, should a chicken go bad. It can not only help you save money but also time.


Signs You Should Look for to Know if Your Chicken is Bad:

Primarily, you must monitor the way it looks. As simple as that, but quite tricky. If you have already cooked a chicken but do not want to serve it to your family or friends, you must focus on it. If you notice any mold on it, you should not consume it. It is always a bad idea to store the cooked chicken for up to 2-3 days. For raw chicken, it should not be grey, even green is bad. If you notice yellow spots, you must not use them.

The next obvious sign is its smell. Raw chicken would rarely have a foul smell. The chicken, when fresh, does not smell much. But, if a chicken is spoiled, it will have a pungent smell, similar to that of rotten eggs. To identify this, you only need to hold it and try to smell. Throw it away if it has gone wrong.

The next thing you should check is the way it feels when touched. The texture of the chicken is another determinant in identifying its condition. If you go to a store to buy chicken, make sure it is not sticky at all. Raw chicken should be smooth and not slimy. The chicken, when cooked, becomes a little harder than it was before while being raw. If you do not find it like that, it could be a sign it has gone bad. But, you must also try to associate with other factors involved to be completely sure. It can get a few things on it because of being rotated in the open market.

One of the last but important things you should look out for its expiry date. If you notice on the packet that the chicken has gone past its use by or best before date, do not purchase it. However, if you think of buying it, you can store it in the freezer and defrost it later when you are about to cook. Although, it is recommended to consume chicken within few days of buying.